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There is a wide range of applications available that can run on a kiosk environment. Each kiosk can be branded per client with their own unique design. The applications are endless, within house developers and over 15 years’ experience, client specific solutions can be catered for.

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Some examples of what a kiosk can be used for is:

Custom Software Development

Integration into biometric access control

Safety training and acceptance

Customer/client focused applications

Integration into service desks

Verify users with fingerprints

SMS and email integration

Product selection and cross marketing available

Relay Management

SuperVision now has access to leading hardware technology, which allows us to offer very unique solutions. One of these solutions is the option to have multiple relays managed from one biometric device.

Just think of the applications, datacentres, storage facilities, and stock rooms; up to 250 locks managed from one device. This is cost efficient and much more secure than keys or pin codes.

Not only can you manage multiple locks, but you can grant individual access to each lock. Have a look at the brochure and let the imagination roll...

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Super Time & Attendance

For many organisations, payroll is the largest operating cost and the hardest to control.

A lack of reliability in a Time & Attendance system can impose a costly burden on payroll management in terms of reconciling hours worked and resolving remuneration disputes.

Payment for time not worked is common with systems based on cards, PINs and punch-cards - all of which can be lost, forgotten shared and stolen. This is a fundamental flaw using this type of control. In the complete contrast, fingerprint bio metrics, fast and correct identification. They deliver levels of T&A accuracy, convenience and security that simply can't be achieved by the traditional methods.

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Super Access Control

Reducing risks and preventing losses through accurate access control.

Proactively minimising threats and preventing losses through physical security is a key component of modern risk management

Super Access is a biometric based solution which enhances security by improving the control of access within workplaces, residential estates and recreational facilities - anywhere where security is an issue.

Using cards or pin codes can be a major flaw in an access control system. Biometrics is the only way to ensure that the correct people have access where they are supposed to.

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Visitor Management

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of rands on managing the access control in a building for the employees. However, when a visitor comes to the building, filling in a piece of paper with no verification of identity is sufficient.

With the Super Visitors module, you can verify your visitors, capture their fingerprints, photo and even capture and track the assets they have with them. What makes this visitors system unique is that it is tied into your biometric access control system, and has live data for tracking where your visitors are in the building.

Complying with the new Protection of Personal Information act with regards to visitors is quite hard, however with this module your compliance is sorted.

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Logical Access Control

SuperSign mitigates IT related fraud and unauthorised access to information on networks through biometric verification. The business case for biometric logical access is mission critical for all organisations.

SuperSign is the most feasible secure solution on the market today for securing your IT infrastructure. This application will also assist with making your personal information stored about people POPI compliant. With biometrics, passwords become a thing of the past, which they should be.

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Fourier IT Innovation Logo

Why Supervision?

A true biometric specialist: SA’s oldest biometrics company. As our name suggests, SuperVision Biometric Systems is a biometrics specialist. Our in depth knowledge of the technology and its applications is built on 15 years’ experience in developing and deploying biometric based business solutions. Our related skills also cover software development; business and systems analysis; project management; and technical support, to ensure in budget and in time projects.

Proven solutions, locally developed. We understand how to prevent losses by reinforcing security within IT systems, physical access and workforce management. As our operating software is developed in-house, we can leverage it to achieve specific commercial goals based on biometric identification.

Installed at over a thousand sites around Africa, our solutions serve a client base that represents the regions’ principal industries, ranging from global organisations to local government. Reducing risks, cutting losses: SuperVision’s proven methodology. Given the diversity of individuals who will use a biometric solution, we stress the importance of applying a rigorous methodology when introducing and operating systems based on people’s identity. Planning, communication and training are critical to the success of a biometric-based solution. Refined over ten years, our methodology delivers rapid solution acceptance and optimum levels of on-going security.

About Fourier IT Innovation

Fourier has been a strategic and trusted partner to South Africa’s organisations and maintained a growing **Note: The same as what it is on the FourierIT website client base for the past 17 years. Fourier offered services to improve and automate business processes, stabilise and mature IT operations, develop critical applications, and consult across Technology and Business Departments.

Fourier IT Innovation are the preferred supplier to a number of organisations within the financial and chemical sectors among others, providing software development services across the Software Development Life Cycle , combined with 24x7 Support Services. Fourier is leading the way in South Africa today by delivering responsive cloud-based applications with the following technology stack: HTML5, Angular JS.

In addition to these, Fourier has internally developed and owns software solutions which includes Biometric Solutions, Order Management Systems, Change Management Modules and Single Sign-On Solutions. Fourier have a compliment of locally skilled technical and management resources that understand the South African market and its unique cultural dynamics. This enables the delivery of maximum value, by the building of relationships of trust and open communication. With established Offices in Gauteng and Cape Town and resellers and partners across South Africa, Fourier are able to implement and support enterprise solutions across South Africa

We are proudly South African

We are proud to be part of the great nation of South Africa and work with passion to guarantee that we can continue in the spirit of “Ubuntu” and give back. Therefore, we ensure that we contribute to the development of our youth by providing them with opportunities to improve their career and education.

Flag of South Africa

We have a compliment of locally skilled technical and management resources that understand the South African market and cultural dynamics. This enables us to deliver maximum value by rapidly building relationships of trust and open communication, thus eliminating situations of workplace ambiguity.

Fourier IT Innovation has been audited by BBEEE Verification Services, and is rated as a level 2 contributor.

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